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Therapeutic Yoga

What is therapeutic yoga?

The class usually begins with “BodyMind Ballwork”, a technique I have learnt from Ellen Saltonstall which uses rubber balls of varying sizes and textures to support, massage and stretch localised areas of the body.  The balls directly address tight connective tissue and muscles, restoring healthy circulation and glide between layers.  There are techniques for every part of you, from head to toes. The result is a wonderful feeling of lightness and ease in the body, and quiet alertness in the mind. It is in many ways a self massage. “BodyMind Ballwork” can be done and is of benefit to anyone, no matter your age, physical limitations or experience of yoga.

We then practice individual, often modified yoga poses. Please note; there will be no flow as the aim is to safely move into and out of all postures. The poses practised may be different from person to person, depending on specific needs. For example, if you suffer with back pain, the poses will aim to to lengthen and release tight lower back muscles, if you suffer with sciatica, the poses will stretch the gluteal region which often (when tight) presses on the sciatic nerve. Or maybe if you’ve just had a baby, you can do some focused pelvic floor work. I will assist and monitor you in the poses to make sure that they are practised safely and for maximum benefit.

The class concludes with some restorative poses and breath-work as learning to breathe freely and easily can be key to many managing long term health conditions.

Who is this class suitable for?

Conditions which therapeutic yoga may benefit (but are not limited to) include: Arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, non specific back pain, or indeed pain anywhere in the body, repetitive strain injuries, insomnia, stress and anxiety. The class would also be a good introduction for anyone new to yoga who has concerns about their ability to “keep up” in a regular class. It may also be suitable for seasoned yogis who fancy a bit of self massage or want to understand a particular injury or pain a little better.

Please, do not be held back from coming because of a physical limitation; if you can make it through the front door to the class, then this class is suitable for you!

When and where is the class?

The class is run from The Well-being Studios located in The Miners and Mechanics Institute in St. Agnes.

Due to Covid 19, there are currently no in person classes.

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