Pregnancy Yoga

The next block of pregnancy classes will begin March 2018, more details to come.

In a pregnancy yoga class asana or postures are taught, these provide suitable exercise during pregnancy.

Practicing yoga can help improve posture eliminating common aches and pains of pregnancy. Common ailments eased by practicing yoga include lower back pain, pelvic pain, neck pain, heartburn and indigestion, breathlessness and swollen ankles and wrists.

Special attention is given to pelvic floor. I teach how to both tone and relax the pelvic floor. We also explore the pelvis in different birthing positions.

Pranayama or breathing techniques are taught. These include breaths many women find useful during pregnancy, labour and birth. I utilise my massage training by teaching massage techniques many women enjoy during pregnancy and labour.

Every class includes a relaxation or guided meditation giving women the time to be still and begin the deep bonding process between mother and baby.

As a mummy, a yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching experience and a nurse with experience of working in maternity including on a delivery suite, Georgie is able to bring a many of her skills together in teaching pregnancy yoga.

“I was able to control my contractions using the breathing techniques that you’d taught me at yoga right up until the final stage, so a massive thank you to you. I don’t think you can appreciate how effective applying your techniques is going to be until you’re in labour… I’m recommending you to every pregnant woman I talk to.” Hannah

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