Parent and Baby Yoga

I am currently teaching a Parent and Baby yoga class on Monday mornings 10.45-11.45 Β atΒ The Cornwall Yoga Centre, 4 Green Street, Truro, TR1 2LH.

I am currently taking a short break from this class whilst I set up a new and exciting venture; A floatation room here in Truro. More details of this to come!

The class includes gentle post natal exercises for mothers, strengthening and stretching through all the muscles of the body with a particular emphasis of the pelvic floor.


As well as yoga for mum, the class offers baby their first taste of yoga. Baby yoga helps strengthen all of your baby’s bodily systems, including the digestive system reliving symptoms of colic, wind and constipation and the nervous system which may help your baby’s behavior become more “settled.” Yoga can also help heal any birth trauma and your baby will be better equipped to deal with future shocks and challenges.

The class offers mother and baby quality relaxation time in which to nurture the bond between mother and baby.

Most importantly, the class is a time to have fun with your baby as you delight in each others laughter and smiles, meeting other mums and babies doing the same.

“If you have a chance at parenthood, look upon it with a sense of mystery and awe. You are given the joy of watching life afresh, and the chance to help another being take flight into the richness and mystery of life. The very clay of which our world is made is, for a brief moment, placed in your hands… A child whether of your blood or someone else’s, whether healthy or ill, whether beautiful or misshapen, is one of life’s greatest miracles. It opens your world into a new sunlight and is a gift greater than a dream.”Β 

Kent Nerburn from Simple Truths

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