UncategorizedOn Love Handles, the Power of Thought and Remembering Your Own Perfection

On Love Handles, the Power of Thought and Remembering Your Own Perfection

In non- dual tantric philosophy, it is the belief that you are an expression of the universe itself. And, that the universe is expressing itself as you because it wants to be you. Think of it like this; if you were supposed to be different, you would be. Yet so often we fail to see our own perfection. Yoga can offer offer us vehicle to clear out all that “crap” and begin to remember our own truth. Ironically though the modern yoga practice (let us not forget that it wasn’t that long ago in relative yoga history that there were only 4 poses) can sometimes add to all that “crap.” Ever notice how there are never any love handles on those Yoga Journal front page models? So, how can we make our yoga practice a vehicle for truth and not another excuse to add to the not good enough story? BY THE POWER OF THOUGHT! Seriously; recently my practice has been revealing to me the power of thought. I’ve seen how when a thought, no matter how tiny, enters the mind, it spreads like ink dropped on blotting paper. I’ve seen as well how I can take control of this process, how I can choose a thought, say for example “I am beautiful” and I how I can choose to drop that thought in there, watch that one grow. Suddenly I get it, positive affirmations, it’s not a case of “I hope they work” but now a case of “I know that it will work.” (Mentally taking back that time I laughed at the post-it note affirmation on the fridge door.) So when you practice, pay attention; how many times do you rearrange your T-shirt to cover those love handles, how many times do you compare yourself to someone else, how many times do you curse your tight hamstrings ? And in that moment; pay attention, what is the thought that is spreading like ink on blotting paper… take control of that thought. Feel your feet on the mat, feel the breath pulsing through you, remember your connection to the bigger picture, remember your journey. Remember, in this moment right now you are not a mistake, you are perfect.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down there.” Jigar Gor

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