Philosophy and Meditation

Philosophy and Meditation

Creating space in which students of yoga can gather to contemplate the teachings which underpin the physical practice is passion for me. The scriptures written by the great sages are like little bits of frozen enlightenment which, when learnt, contemplated and meditated upon, thaw out inside of ourselves and can become profound tools for our own unfolding enlightenment.

The philosophy and meditation sessions include scriptural study with plenty of time for discussion and quiet contemplation as well as some gentle asana, pranayama and meditation. All ages and abilities are welcome. They are not a course in the history of yoga, although you will learn much about this. They are, instead a series of teachings which can be enjoyed individually or as an unfolding narrative. Each session gravitates around an important yogic teaching and will draw from many sources and traditions giving you space and time to come to your own “truth” on the teaching.

Textural sources include:

The Vedas 

The Upanishads

The Bhagavad Gita

The yoga sutras of Patanjali

The Heart Sutra

The Lam Rim

The Arya-samdhinirmocana-nama-mahayana-sutra

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Geranda Samhita

The Siva Sutras

The Prtyabhijna-hrdayam

The Tantrloka

The Vijnana Bhirava


November 14th 2021: – Starting at the beginning – our manifest world 

Introducing the map of the tattvas (elements or building blocks of the universe) will will move from 36 through to 12 on the tattva map covering the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space and discover how these link with Ayurveda. 


December 12th 2021 – What is the mind?

As we continue on the tattva chart, revisiting tattvas 16 – 12 and continuing onto tattva 6 we will look at the yogic explanation of the mind. We will open up the can of worms that is karma and learn from the most fundamental of yogic teachings; how our samskaras shape our view of reality. 


January 9th 2021 – What is God?

Yes, we’re going there. As we move from tattva 6 up to 1, we will be able to contemplate the yogic understanding of the source of all creation. We will compare and contrast this with other schools of thought, including Buddhism. 


February 13th 2021 – How do we get from here to there? Part 1: Asana, pranayama, meditation and the role of psychedelics on the spiritual journey. Guest speaker Henna

Having mapped out the journey from the gross to the most subtle aspects of the universe, we look to answer the question, what tools do we have to navigate our way from the gross to the subtle. We will contemplate the science behind how asana, pranayama and meditation carry us to our goal. We will also discuss the role of psychedelics on the spiritual journey.


Booking is via Shiva Studio, Nansledan.

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