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Yoga for labour and birth; a workshop for couples

I offer this workshop to couples at a time that suits you in your own home. Please contact me to book.

The cost is £50 per session

This workshop is 2 hours long

In this practical workshop I teach yoga poses and breathing techniques many women find useful as pain relief during labour and birth. I also teach massage techniques allowing birthing partners to feel confident using massage during all stage of labour. We also discuss the use of sound as pain relief.

It also covers optimal foetal positioning, how your babies position in your womb can encourage a more easeful birth, and how yoga techniques can be used with other forms of pain relief such as gas and air, pethidine and epidurals.

The practices are taught in chronological order, from the begging of labour through to birth so the whole session feels like a birth rehearsal.

Georgie’s teaching style is very much upfront, hands on and full of laughter.

Please note that is a practical session for both partners so please wear comfortable lose clothing. Also please let me know in advance if either partner has any physical limitations which will prevent them from sitting, kneeling or walking.

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