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Opening the heart; an Anusara inspired yoga workshop with Georgie

Saturday 25th October 2014

at Lime House Studio, Mount, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 9PP

Dynamic Practice 10.30-1.30 followed by lunch £30

Gentle flow including meditation and relaxation followed by supper 2.30-5.30 £30

£50 for the whole day

Yoga poses which open the heart also uplift and make us feel more positive about our world. In this workshop we will embrace the obstacles of vulnerability and fear to open the lotus of the heart.

The workshop will cover heart opening backbends and also look at the connection between emotional blockages and hip opening poses.

All asanas (poses) will be taught using Anusara alignment principles.

The energetic heart is also the gateway to experiencing new ways of understanding the world. In this workshop we will explore pranayama (breathing) techniques and mediation practices which help us realise the divinity of ourselves and the world around us. I will be sharing teachings from Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega’s “The Triadic Heart of Shiva” throughout.

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