Anusara Flow

Anusara Flow

Anusara flow suitable for all ages and abilities including those who are new to yoga. However if you have any serious medical conditions or physical limitations, I would recommend that you take a look at the therapeutics class. Music is played in the class and there is light sprinkling of the philosophy that unpins the practice offered.

Common FAQs

How much is the class?

You can sign up for half term blocks which work out £7 per class on drop-in at £9 per class.

All classes classes at Shiva Studio, Nansledan need to be booked via their app.

Is there parking?

The St Agnes class has plenty of free parking in a public carpet located opposite the MMI.

The Nansledan classes also have plenty of free parking on the road outside the studio.

I am pregnant can I come?

This class is not suitable for pregnant students in their first trimester. You are welcome to come along after your first trimester up to 30 weeks as long as you are have done some yoga before. But why not try my pregnancy class?

What shall I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothes. Jogging bottoms or leggings are good.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

I have spares of everything but if you have a yoga mat please bring it with you.

Is there an age limit?

No. However if you are planning on bringing a child please also bring a book or some colouring in so that if they decide not to participate in the class they have got something that they can quietly do in the room.

I don’t understand the difference between all these styles of yoga?

Historically yoga poses were only practised as an aid to meditation. The poses that were practised were called “Hatha Yoga.” So pretty much any yoga class is going to be “hatha yoga.” Vinyasa yoga means flowing with the breath so again, most yoga classes will have elements of vinyasa. More recently well known teachers who have gathered a large following have labelled their particular style of yoga hence: “Anusara yoga,” “Iyengar yoga,” “Ashtanga yoga,” or “Bikram yoga.” Although these labels may give you an idea of what to expect in a class generally I would advise to ignore these labels and just find a teacher that you resonate with.

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