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The Upāyas – Your Vehicles to Unity Consciousness

As yogis and spiritual seekers we signed up to deepening our understanding of ourselves and our universe. But, we may ask, how can we do this? What is the method that allows us to move beyond? In answer to this question, Kashmir Shaivism offers us the upāyas.

An upāya is a method, means or mode of transformation, they are our vehicles to deeper experience.  During these 2 sessions, we will look at the 3 upāyas of Kashmir Shaivism and contemplate how they can lead us to our final goal of unity consciousness. Open to all – no previous knowledge of the subject is required.

Session one: Feburary 7th 10.00-11.30 (philosophy) and 12-13.30 (asana)

Aṇava- upāya is the embodied means or method of transformation.  Using this method we can use our embodied state and the objects of our awareness as we exist in this state as our vehicle to unity consciousness. We will study the techniques of this upāya as documented within the scriptures of Kashmir Shaivism. Bridget will then bring them to life in a practice incorporating asana, the breath and the subtle body.

Session two: March 7th 10.00-11.30 (philosophy) and 12-13.30 (asana)

Śākta-upāya is the empowered means in which we use awareness itself to align ourselves  with a deeper understanding of who we really are. We will study both śākta-upāya and śāmbhava-upāya (the “divine” method) before Bridget leads through an asana and mediation practice to align us both physically and mentally so that we can open to our fullest.

Investment: £30 per workshop or both sessions at discounted price of £50. Recordings of theses workshops will be available for 7 days after the event.

Session one, 7th February

Session two, 7th March

Both sessions

Payments are non refundable as recordings will be available if you miss the event.

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