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AND BREATHE: Gentle yoga, myofascial release, breath and meditation practice

The focus of this class is the posas muscle. Chronically tight in most people (including myself,) a tight or unbalanced psoas can lead to changes in posture, lower back, groin and sacroiliac pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, sub optimal breathing, depletion of our vital energy and an over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, causing long term stress and anxiety.

This class will include gentle, therapeutic yoga, suitable for those who are new to yoga or currently have injuries or limitations. We will also work to release the psoas and and the fascia around it using myo-facial release techniques.There will be plenty of restorative poses and time to watch the breath as I guide you into a space of deep, deep relaxation.

Suitable for any and everybody.

January 26th at 10.30am. Investment: £8

Payment is non refundable – if you are unable to attend I am happy to send you a recording.

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