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On Transitions

This blog was inspired by one particular moment this week: One of my regular visitors to The Floating Room was in the float tank. Under the knowledge that he never stirs for the whole hour, in the reception room next door I closed the blinds and settled for a meditation. So, my job is not normal (that’s why I love it) and I invite you to imagine the scene; said visitor comes out the float tank room, naked except for a towel and dripping wet to find me sat cross legged, eyes closed in near darkness. Lucky for me he is also a meditator and conversation was short and easy:

“I needed a wee”

“I was just meditating”

“Sorry I disturbed you”

“Not at all, I was just finishing”

Although slightly bizarre the moment was surprisingly comfortable. The thing was, I was in quite a deep meditation (hence why I hadn’t previously heard him) and it was surprising to come straight out of the “in there” into the “out there.” This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot; the transition from meditation back into manifest reality.

I’m sure any readers with young children will be familiar with the feeling of an abrupt end to a meditation. Whilst I sympathise with the frustration of these moments, I think that there may also be something to learn from these moments. I think that it may be possible to continue to deepen our practice even in these moments.

Or for those of you who don’t meditate but who practice yoga, the class offers a space in which we are given permission to be quiet and to think about stuff that we don’t usually think about or feel stuff we don’t usually feel. Almost accidentally we can find that our awareness shifts. How then do we transition back to the world outside?
How can can we move our practice forward within this transition?

I don’t know about you, but for me, the world (manifest reality)  is still there when I open my eyes. It may “taste” different but it is, more or less as I left it. So how do I transition with ease in and out of these states, taking the “in there” into the “out there…” For me, I’m working on trying to stay in the space of the “in there”, stay in the witness state, in the space of pure awareness for as long as I can and from there, I’m trying to “watch” the manifest come flooding back in, in all of it’s layers. I also sometimes notice the act of consciousness dissolving into the manifest, like water poured into water…

…I invite you to do the same; for as long as possible try to stay in the space of pure consciousness achieved through meditation and from that space watch what happens as it comes into contact with manifest reality. Much can be revealed in this transition.

I’m starting to feel that this is an amazing practice in and of itself. And guess what, if you find yourself being abruptly pulled out of a meditation you may even feel pleased as this gives you a chance to really play with this practice.

One of my teachers, Bill Mahony once spoke to me of “learning the fly with your feet on the ground.” I wonder if this is what he was talking about.

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