That which you are looking for is beckoning to you from within

- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Hello, my name is Georgie. I am passionate about facilitating asana, pranayama, philosophy and meditation classes. Spaces for us to come together to realise our full potential.

As a teacher, I am not looking to fix or correct you. Instead, my wish tis o empower you to remember the perfection already present within you.Β 

Anusara yoga uses a set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles called the β€œUniversal Principles of Alignmentβ„’. By following these principles, the body can move into a pain free harmonious alignment. Everybody has an optimal blueprint (which may vary from person to person) and my service as an Anusara yoga teacher is to guide you into this blue print.Β  Because Anusara yoga sees each person as an individual, it can be taught to anyone and everyone. I teach a variety of classes suitable for all ages and abilities. Please see timetable for details.

To truly walk the path of yoga, one must step into the awareness that sits behind the practice; it is the philosophy that makes the practice come alive.

I teach non-dual philosophy; that everything arises from and is the very substance of One source. I willingly draw from any and all non-dual traditions although my deepest studies are in Buddhism and the non-dual tantra of Kashmir Shaivism.

The breath is your best friend on your journey; it has the power to hold your hand and walk you through the gate-less gate. In my classes we explore “pranayamas” or synthesised breath practices. I also teach how to relax back into the space where the breath guides you.

It is an honour to hold the space for journeys with meditation. As I often tell my students; sure, handstands are super fun but they’ve got nothing on meditation!



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