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Anusara Yoga Classes

I am currently teaching a public drop in Anusara yoga class on Wednesday evenings 6.30-8pm at Truro City Hall, Municipal Buildings, Boscawen St, Truro TR1 2NE.

Starting November 2017 I will also be covering Jane Forster’s yoga classes in Perranporth for a year. These classes are 9.30-10.30am and 7.30-8.30pm at new ECO build above the toilets in the beach car park, Perranporth.

I also teach private classes in Cornwall, contact me for details.


picture-6Anusara yoga was founded by John Friend in 1997. It was built upon years of study by John with many different teachers, particularly within the Iyengar tradition. The physical poses are taught using alignment cues, often descried as “loops” or “spirals” of energy, designed to bring the body to a pain free harmonious alignment in which energy can move more freely.

These alignment details are important to build a strong and steady base from which to practice. However for me, as a practitioner of Anusara yoga, what sets it apart is that although there is a strong emphasis on alignment, the poses go far beyond the physical. In Anusara yoga, the attitude of the pose, the way the student is expressing what they are feeling is more important than the alignment.

The classes I teach are dynamic, poses are weaved using the breath in a vinyasa style. There is a strong emphasis alignment, with one pose educating the next so that students can begin to move more deeply into their poses and their practice. I also honour everyone’s’ uniqueness including any physical limitations. Under pinning my teaching is a love of philosophy and a deep belief that we are all deeply connected to one another. I believe that our yoga practice can help to be more connected to ourselves and to one another.

“Your teaching has formed the foundation of my love for yoga and your voice will always be the guiding practice in my head.” Josie

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