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Swami Chidvilasananda

That which you are looking for is beckoning to you from within.

  • Anusara Yoga

    Anusara Yoga

    I am currently teaching a public drop in Anusara yoga class on Wednesday evenings 6.30-8pm at TruroCity Hall, The Municipal Buildings, Boscowan Street, Truro, TR1 2NE.

  • Pregnancy Yoga

    Pregnancy Yoga

    The next block of pregnancy yoga classes begins 7th June at Truro City Hall.

Anusara Yoga

I teach Anusara Inspired drop in classes in Truro, Cornwall. Anusara yoga teaches alignment principles designed to bring the body into a pain free harmonious alignment in which energy can move more freely. The poses however go far beyond the physical. The attitude of the pose, the way that you express the pose is most important to be as a teacher. “Anusara” translates as “flowing with grace.” Most students find that the yoga classes give them tools to find a way of flowing through the obstacles of daily life with greater ease.

Pregnancy Yoga

I teach Pregnancy Yoga classes in half term blocks and 3 monthly Yoga for Labour and Birth workshops. The class offers you a chance to exercise in a way that is beneficial for you and your baby. I also teach techniques which can help with pain relief during labour a birth.

Parent and Baby Yoga

I teach parent and baby yoga in half term blocks. These classes teach safe post natal exercises for mothers and introduce your baby to safe and fun yoga stretches.


“Yoga for Surfers” new DVD out now, purchase here for £4.99


This hour long intermediate class will help you gain flexibility and strength improving your surfing performance. It looks at movements to help you learn to jump to your feet every time and for more advanced surfers it will help you do more radical turns and have the confidence to go for bigger waves. It teaches some warm up and cool down stretches. Pranayama is also taught for increasing breath capacity.

A collaboration between Tom Roberson, owner of Breakers Surf School ( and Georgie Fearn a certified yoga teacher with over a decade teaching experience (

“Thank you Georgie for introducing me to the wonderful world of yoga. I am now more flexible than  ever before, I can breathe through the great challenges I could not face before in the bigger waves I now ride.” Marja Van Leeuwen British Longboard Champion

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